Right to Return

You have the right to withdraw from purchase of the product, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within ten working days (10 days) after receipt of the goods. Within this time, you may exercise your right to withdraw in written communication (“Returns Notice”) which should be sent to Atelier Biagetti S.r.l. Piazza Arcole 4, 20143 Milano by Special Delivery requiring signature on receipt. The Returns Notice can also be sent, by the same deadline, by email to store@atelierbiagetti.com, on the condition that the Returns Notice is addressed to Atelier Biagetti S.r.l. Piazza Arcole 4, 20143 Milano and is confirmed by Special Delivery requiring signature on receipt within the following 48 hours. After Atelier Biagetti has received your Returns Notice: (a) You must return the purchased product to Atelier Biagetti S.r.l. Piazza Arcole 4, 20143 Milano, at your cost and using a trustworthy courier who you have instructed personally, within 10 working days from the date in which you received each purchased product. In this case, you are responsible for the loss or damage of goods until the same products are received at our warehouse. In terms of expiry date of the above-mentioned timescale, once the product has been handed over to the courier, the product is considered to be returned. The substantial integrity of the returned product (or the conformity with the original state as was delivered by Atelier Biagetti at the correct place indicated on the order form, complete with the original packaging and all documentation attached – for example the Certificate of Origin of the product) is conditional on the successful return of the product. The only expenses requested of you in your right to return are those linked to the return of the product to Biagetti. (b) if your right to return conforms with the requests of this section, Atelier Biagetti is only subject to refund the cost of the product(s) purchased, exclusive of delivery costs which remain your responsibility. The refund will be carried out free of charge, in the shortest time possible and in any case within 30 days from the date in which Atelier Biagetti knew about your request for return. The costs will be reimbursed within the timeline if they are effectively repaid, sent or, re-credited with a value date not subsequent to the deadline indicated in the previously stated terms.