Virtual Store - Milan

Atelier Biagetti teamed up with Frank Studio for the creation of this hybrid concept pop-up shop for WallpaperSTORE*.

The environment is a dreamscape, a limbo where reality meets fantasy and art meets everyday life.
Inspired by the iconic “Brillo” prints by Pop Art legend Andy Warhol, the store presents itself as a rigidly ascetic, almost anti-commercial place, where the jewels of curated design that are the hallmark of the WallpaperSTORE* selection, are scattered amongst the anonymous boxes of the most unglamorous of household goods.

a rigidly ascetic, almost anti-commercial place

Think of it: a hypermarket aisle full of row upon row of the same own-brand, washing powders with the repetitive message “BUY NOW”, punctuated only by the crispness of chic design items. The store is populated by seemingly sterile shop assistants in white lab coats, and nothing is actually available to buy on site because the real place of commerce is the virtual store: store.wallpaper.com.

The sharp contrasts and comparisons that this installation creates and the questions it raises within the visitor are typical of Atelier Biagetti’s work that takes its inspiration from the world we live in and society today.

A place where physical meets digital, where the supermarket meets e-commerce.