Table with structure in chromed steel, details in polished brass and ultra-white glass top.

Details and dimensions

Project: GOD

Year: 2017

Dimensions: 120 x 185 x H 72 cm (47″ x 73″ x H 28″)

Limited edition

Made to order

Worldwide shipping

The GOD installation is an environment in which the rites and rituals associated with money are carried out on every level.

With the project GOD Atelier Biagetti explore the many ideas of value in today’s society – whether moral, actual or virtual

During the exhibition and design performance Atelier Biagetti delved into the financial world, extracting mechanisms and symbols to create a very specific scenario, a mise en scène that analyzes our complex relationship with money and value. This piece turns the familiar shape of the turnstile (which holds clear references to mass-consumerism of the last Century) and turns it into a unique object for the domestic space.

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