Soffietta #1


Leather seat with details and structure in aluminium and galvanized brass. Wheels in plexiglass.

Details and dimensions

Project: NO SEX

Year: 2016

Dimensions: 60 x 40 x H 100 cm (24″ x 16″ x H 40″)

Limited edition

Made to order

Worldwide shipping

In NO SEX space-age forms and sensual tones of champagne-pink and natural skin are entwined with materials that invite the physical touch to create a cast of almost anthropomorphic beings.

Soffietta #1 played a key role in the NO SEX pink-retreat (pink refers not only to the colour but also to a cosy yet entangling state of mind), the ultimate wellness clinic.

On entering the environment you find yourself in a place designed to detox or retox (whatever your case may be) from the overdose or abstinence of sex in contemporary life. The pieces that inhabit the environment are anthropomorphic and this low-backed chair seems set to scurry around with its backless twin, pausing only for its leather accordion seat to sigh with every backside that rests on it.

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