Parabola White



Floor lamp with adjustable base in opaque brass. Parabola disc in polished copper with white lacquered interior.  200 W halogen light bulb with dimming switch.

Details and dimensions

Project: Bonjour Milàn

Year: 2013

Dimensions: 72 x 60 x H min. 190 cm (28″ x 24″ x H min. 75″)

Open edition

Handmade in Italy

Made to order

Worldwide shipping

The brushed brass base supports a parabolic dish reminiscent of the huge antennae used for space research.

The central disk shades the bulb and deflects the light onto the large parabolic dish.

The white lacquer shimmers and shines without dazzling, thanks to the central disk that shields the glare. The pure white of the inside contrasts with the raw copper reverse side making the parabola white imposing yet complementary when both on and off.