Palazzo Terzi

curated by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Exhibition view at Palazzo Terzi during Dimore Design

In occasion of DimoreDesign, where the historic palaces of Bergamo meet contemporary design, Atelier Biagetti presents Incontri (Encounters)

The splendour of Palazzo Terzi is the perfect set for a film that entwines the stories of different people from different eras. Here every object, photograph, tapestry already has a story to tell and consists of many layers of experience that make you think of what has gone on within these walls, the inhabitants, the meetings, episodes, desires, fears and secrets. The real actors in this theatre are these objects that, like witnesses, make connections and allow us to imagine stories that anyone can enrich and transform into new stories with a little fantasy. Incontri” adds another layer to those already present, not to enrich the already magnificent decor but to throw our senses of perception off the expected road to find a new way of interpreting the surroundings and to create a short-circuit between history and today, between physical space and  that dreamlike state where anything is possible.

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