Site specific concept pop-up for Madame Miranda

Madame Miranda

Ladies’ Club in Porto Cervo

Best know for our unconventional forms of expression, we we unconventionally transformed the standard beauty store experience into a whole new world. If consumers can’t benefit from a beauty service “delivered to their door”, which was exactly what Madame Miranda was first conceived to be, why not invite them to a place that makes them feel at home? Madame Miranda’s pop-up store is a public space that seems private, where women of any kind of beauty, need or desire are warmly welcomed and invited to relax, chit chat with friends or watch their favourite episode on Netflix while getting a 360 beauty treatment.

Concept pop-up club for Madame Miranda
Concept pop-up club for Madame Miranda

Faithful to Atelier Biagetti’s mindset we decided to turn the store into a sort of ‘tennis Club’ but please pay attention: this is not a sports club, not even a night club but a social club, a club where you can feel the power of membership and exclusivity, where all your requests are fulfilled with the greatest attention in an environment that recalls a tennis court, where ladies used to rendez-vous. We have laid the foundation for what could become an institution in the field, an exclusive club where women feel part of a community whose bond depends on nothing but the love for beauty.

Concept pop-up space for Madame Miranda

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