Lingottone – Gold Bench in Vegan Skin*



Wealth and the power we associate with it is undoubtedly an idol of contemporary society for many. And what could be more symbolic of wealth than gold and that is what Lingottone is, an oversized gold ingot that has been transformed into a bench upholstered in vegan skin. Like a scene from a dream or film you can sit, lie or lean on this icon of richness, the ultimate commodity and fail-safe investment.


*The vegan material used is an eco-friendly product, made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and bio polyols, obtained from non-food and GMO-free corn crops. These green-core materials are BIOVEG certified and have the highest percentage of biomass available on the market.

Dimensions: 160 x 70 x H 50 cm (63″ x 27″ x H 20″)

Lead time: 30 – 60 working days. Worldwide shipping available.

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