Deja vù standing


Printed mirror with aluminium structure and details in galvanized brass. Wheels in plexiglass.

Details and dimensions 

Project: NO SEX

Year: 2016

Dimensions: 60 x 50 x H 185 cm (24″ x 14″ x H 73″)

Limited edition of 7 pieces 



Worldwide shipping

Atelier Biagetti‘s NO SEX pieces are risqué, beautifully crafted and designed to titillate

(Francesca Soler,

Copper details of Deja vu standing mirror
Soffietta pink stool and Deja vu standing mirror

NO SEX functions as a cohesive suite of items and as individual works.

Deja vù is a rolling full-length mirror-cum-eye chart, perhaps to encourage a moment of self reflection about how clearly we see ourselves.
(Ariela Gittlen, Modern Painters)

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