La Gazzetta

Quick, light, minimal, agile. La Gazzetta, the fixed-gear urban bike produced by Cinelli, the historic Milanese brand synonymous with quality and cutting-edge design, has been the object of desire for many a cycling fanatic and bicycle buff since it first appeared on the market in 2010. Now, thanks to the collaboration between Antonio Colombo owner and visionary driving force behind Cinelli and Atelier Biagetti, a new, interpretation of this iconic model has come into play.

Inspired by the city of Milan with its explosive energy and fast-pace, Atelier Biagetti has created #lagazzetta. The designers have decided to transform the surface of the bicycle by creating an almost capillary-like network of marks through which the life-blood of the city, its experiences and stories might metaphorically pulse. This is achieved through a rigorously monochromatic dripping technique, white on black. Each #lagazzetta is one-of-a-kind, in keeping with Atelier Biagetti’s sartorial design philosophy and its dedication to the creation of unique pieces of design.

Like an arrow it shoots, criss-crossing over the map, weaving through the city. It chases the rain, it fights the wind, and stops. Catching its breath for a moment. And then it is off again through the arteries of the metropolis absorbing the stories hidden in avenues and alleys alike where scratches, residues and urban arabesques envelop it in a finely worked veil destined to change once again in time.

Nothing is forever. Seize the moment. Live the day.

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