Cavallina argento

Seat with polyurethane base upholstered in silver and pink leather. Legs in brushed stainless steel covered in leather.


Year: 2015

Dimensions: 140 x 40 x H 53 cm (55″ x 16″ x H 29″)

Unique piece + 2 author’s proofs + 1 prototype

Body Building is a project which teases our perceptions and creates a short-circuit between aesthetics and function, challenging our expectations.

All the pieces in the Body Building project bear a clear resemblance to the iconic sports apparatus conceived for physical exercise, for producing adrenaline and determination.

The pommel horse used for one of the most demanding and acrobatic disciplines of men’s gymnastics becomes Cavallina, a bench in fine leather (where you must under no circumstances work up a sweat).

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