Palm Beach Tall

Padded standing light

Project: The King
Year: 2023
Designed by Atelier Biagetti
Produced by Labseventy

High H 220 cm: € 4.500
Tall H 200 cm: € 4.350
Medium H 180 cm: € 4.250
Low H 130 cm: € 3.800

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+-Product Details
High: Ø 110 x H 220 cm
Tall: Ø 110 x H 200 cm
Medium: Ø 110 x H 180 cm
Low: Ø 110 x H 130 cm

N°3 glass light-bulbs 12W, 2700 K

Color: White
Made to order

Available in different colors
+-Materials and Care
Every piece designed by Atelier Biagetti is handmade in ITALY by Italian master craftsmen with carefully selected materials. Any irregularities or natural blemishes should not be misconstrued as flaws but as integral elements that characterize the uniqueness of the piece. Please handle with care for longer product life.
Lead time 30-60 days

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This piece is part of

The King

Inspired by Elvis Presley, Atelier Biagetti’s new project explores how mankind has always attempted the impossible, to make the mortal immortal, through the creation of “the LEGEND” – a system of superstitions and beliefs that touch people, triggering a sense of awe capable of moving the masses and of making people live forever.

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