Pet Therapy

The Love Boat

Milano Design Week 2024
by Atelier Biagetti + Altea
Saturday 13th - Sunday 21st April
11AM - 11PM
Press Day Monday 15th starting from 10AM

The “LOVE BOAT” lands on the NAVIGLIO during Design Week 2024 – Atelier Biagetti’s latest aquatic Pet Therapy installation is the new home to sweet, giant cats that become sculptural lamps and seats shaded by soft palm trees with crazy coconut lights.

“Our Giants Cats are Back!”

Altea Biagetti


The Pet Therapy project aims to reignite the innocent wonder and excitement often lost with age. It taps into the uplifting effects of the boundless love shared between humans and their furry, four-legged friends. Here, playfulness takes centre stage in the pursuit of pure, innocent joy.