The King

The Celebration of Eternity

Inspired by Elvis Presley, Atelier Biagetti’s new project explores how mankind has always attempted the impossible, to make the mortal immortal, through the creation of “the LEGEND” - a system of superstitions and beliefs that touch people, triggering a sense of awe capable of moving the masses and of making people live forever.

“Presley’s legendary status is the starting point for a deeper pondering of the power of superstitions and beliefs, and their role in cementing a myth’s reputation in our collective minds.”

“Those who buy our pieces do not need a new sofa or a bigger table but to transform their home into an experience

The show features a series of new legendary pieces, limited-edition objects and paintings shown together in a fluid environment that breaks the boundaries between artistic disciplines, bursting through conventional limits on freedom of expression. The King Sofa dominates the scene, a colossal seating concept that creates site-specific installations wherever it is place, whether at home or in public spaces. Guitar cases become statuesque low-tables, handmade by masters in the ancient art of mosaics from the city of Ravenna, and build a dialogue with the enigmatic Diamond Cabinet, Christmas Gifts, Cakes and exotic soft Palm Trees to form a sparkling and glowing postcard scene.

The Live Performance by the opera singer Laura Baldassari is a celebration of eternity, dedicated to all those who dream of living like a rockstar and being loved forever – carefree and immune to stereotypes... apparently. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis (1961) is performed by Laura Baldassari as the last mile of a song cycle started with “Plaisir d’Amour” written by Martini in 1785 and later orchestrated by the master Hector Berlioz in 1856.


Atelier Biagetti’s installation recreates the living room of a fantastical house, the quintessential expression of a gigantic ego.

The environment challenges the idea of domestic space turning a haven into a concert stage while painting a psychological portrait of a generation whose most private moments are not private at all.