Pet Therapy

Playfulness is a Serious Business

Pet Therapy revives that childish sense of wonder and enthusiasm that so many of us have forgotten. It plays on the mood-boosting benefits of the unconditional and reciprocal love of a furry four-legged friend, who turns the act of coming home into a joyous celebration of life - every single day.

“Atelier Biagetti’s large lunar cats have us feline good.”

We are tired of designing chairs and tables. We can create things that don’t exist, like giant cats to be used as sofas.”

Altea Biagetti

"Atelier Biagetti embraced their inner child — and a request from their young daughter to create, rather than a piece of furniture, a giant cat you can hug, sized at surreal, Fellini-esque proportions"

New York Times

Pet Therapy gives a nostalgic item, such as the cuckoo clock, a new lease of life through functional hybrid design - a real working timepiece that connects a digital dream world with our own. Available as a limited edition installation with NFT certificate, the clock is geo-located and features the real-time weather conditions of wherever it is. The traditional shaped clock is home to palm trees, cats and bouncing balls suspended in a virtual sky that reflects the sky outside - so if it’s raining hard where you are, in the Pet Therapy cuckoo land it’s raining cats and dogs.


With Pet Therapy Atelier Biagetti presents a new domestic landscape in which every object is an enigma, a game, a daydream, a hologram, designed to be the true protagonist of a story that intricately entwines wonder with desire. From the spirit friends of Miyazaki to the lucky cats of ancient Egypt right through to the dreamscapes of Fellini, Pet Therapy is a project that crosses cultures, exploring our relationships with animals and nature throughout time and throughout the world.

The pieces from Pet Therapy project are conceived for indoor and outdoor spaces and a can be completely customized.

This new project is created in collaboration with Labseventy and Vitruvio Virtual Reality.