A Trip to Paradise

Another immersive, experiential design project, the third of the so called Biagetti saga, curated by Maria Cristina Didero.

If in 2015 Body Building examined power and beauty through the seemingly skin-deep subject of the human body and NO SEX (2016) addressed human psychology through the first basic element – sex, then the title of the 2017 project is a logical progression: GOD.

G – O – D. Although insignificant on their own, together these three letters make up one of the most powerful words ever written, a word heavily laden with meaning and preconceptions. But the GOD interpreted by Baldassari and Biagetti does not aim to fuel a theological debate, it rather investigates something that in today’s society is (or seems to be) all-consuming and all-powerful; something that is at the root of all our rules and aspirations and thus governs the way we live our lives — that something is money and with it the ever more abstract idea of value whether moral, actual or virtual.

Biagetti and Baldassari explore this subject by using their distinct visual language to create an installation, an all-encompassing microcosmos, a veritable temple to this 21st Century obsession.


Examining the idea of value whether moral, actual or virtual.

“The next iteration of Atelier Biagetti’s wonderfully weird explorations of contemporary society’s greatest obsessions will delve into the power of money. The immersive installation looks to channel the euphoria associated with fortune in an experimental and visual design play.”

“One of the 15 Must-Sees at Milan’s Design Week 2017”

What are you waiting for?
Buy a gold bar now and win.
Win win win the trip of a lifetime.
A trip to paradise.
Make all your dreams come true.

The environment created by Atelier Biagetti is a place where the rites and rituals associated with money and the value attributed to it are carried out on every level. On entering this installation the visitor is engulfed by the apparent omnipotence of money and does not watch but experiences the sensations and emotions that it evokes: awe, yearning, hope, euphoria.

awe, yearning, hope, euphoria.