Body Building 2

The Virtual Gym

After months of home workouts, Atelier Biagetti brings you “Body Building 2” the ultimate gym experience.

The long-awaited second  season of “Body Building” uses an incredible new gold skin made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles. This time, however, this landmark project was not presented in a physical space but in a fantasy VIRTUAL GYM created in collaboration with Six N. Five studio.
 Famous for their tongue-in-cheek exploration of some of contemporary  society’s greatest obsessions, Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari take  the Body Building concept one step further with an environmentally conscious approach.

an environmentally conscious approach

Started in 2015 the project curated by Maria Cristina Didero created a subtle short-circuit between expectations and reality taking us on a journey from our preconceived ideas of hardcore gym equipment to the reality of luxury, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and lighting. Atelier Biagetti now reverses this logic and takes us on a rollercoaster ride navigating preconceptions, beauty’s obsessions and virtual reality along the way, in keeping with the Milan-based atelier’s DNA and signature exploratory and ironic style.

Body Building 2 features actual furniture and gym equipment: Swedish wall bars, yoga mats, wellness balls and seating. These pieces, designed to help you work up a sweat, pay tribute to their luxury ancestors of 2015.

Each  piece of the Body Building 2 project is entirely covered in a gold BIOVEG skin made from the recycled polyester of plastic bottles bringing a sense of  luxury (or at least a good dose of bling) to your workout while sponsoring an  environmentally friendly ethic through the use of eco-sustainable materials.

Atelier Biagetti is also known for the installations and performances that it creates around each new project. It feeds on the collective memory of its public to create environments that could be film sets or scenes from a  dream, and Body Building 2 is no exception. This time, however, the project  will not be presented in a physical space but through a fantastic virtual gym created in collaboration with Six N. Five, the Barcelona-based studio specialised in the avant-garde use of Computer Generated Imagery to express creative concepts and impossible realities.

a rollercoaster ride navigating preconceptions, beauty’s obsessions and virtual reality along the way

All images in the Body Building 2 virtual gym have been created in collaboration with Six N. Five Studio, Barcelona.