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Project: Post Design Collection

Post Design 2012 gathers around the idea of universal living. As the title suggests, it evokes the “sceneries” by the great Ettore Sottsass. Alberto Biagetti is aware that in the future design will lose its functional component to concentrate solely on aesthetics.

In Biagetti’s work, the digital world is a tool just as much as a set-square and ruler once were. By using technology and applying it to design by interpreting it according to his own, larger formula, Biagetti modifies and amplifies its meaning. He collects, elaborates and prints on objects – be those in natural leather, laminate or fabric – universal codes that belong to everyone, to the surface of the earth brought inside our homes by the designer, transforming it into an observatory onto the outside world.

It is a game of tradition and future played by Biagetti, perception and imagination fuse together; the search of materials and antique techniques, the use of brass and leather meet with crystal and colour, a contrasting combination of a laminate surface, shaped, printed on, mapped; the multi-shaped and heterogenous language of Alberto Biagetti goes beyond schemes and comes to a new vision of history and the contemporary world by reinterpreting simple lines and objects full of layers of meaning.

Each one of the pieces of the Post Design 2012 collection has to do with the intimacy of our homes, the open spaces that are an extension of it. The Leitmotiv: surface and memory. The result is three families of objects that have in common the same sensitivity and chromatic tones, able to disclose both an intimate and universal story.

Alberto Biagetti moves with ease between design, architecture, fashion and art without distinction, combining the real world with a virtual one, traditional craftsmanship and technology. Post Design 2012, his first collection for the home, aims at developing the concept of living rather than production tout court: the collection suggests an ever-evolving, intimate domestic space: prismatic like nature and our behaviour.

The Ground N°1

The Ground N°2

The Ground N°3

The Ground N°4

The Ground N°5

The River Armchair

The Grand River Sofa

The Wire Seat

The River Sofa

The Sky Piece N°1

The Sky Piece N°2 and N°3

The Sky Piece N°4

The Sky Piece N°5

The Wire Table

The Wire Table (Big)