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Project: Disco Gufram

Every disco needs dancers and Atelier Biagetti has imagined an eclectic group of party-goers ready for a big night out at Disco Gufram.

Betsy, Tony, Stanley, Jimmy and Charly are an exuberant bunch of distinct characters – although they are not people you understand, but objects, sofas to be precise.

We are happy to announce this very special collaboration with Gufram, the legendary Italian brand that, throughout its more than 50-year history, has helped revolutionize the domestic landscape playing a key role in shaping the history of international design. With this collaboration Gufram, famous for its work in polyurethane foam, has produced a high impact collection of upholstered, modular sofas designed by Atelier Biagetti.

Betsy – Ph: Toiletpaper by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

The collaboration for this project brings together both the origins of Gufram and its signature commitment to radical design, and Atelier Biagetti’s unique approach that taps into the human psyche and re-elaborates its findings to create new atmospheres and sensations. Together this combination will generate an environment in which the objects become characters in a familiar scene initiating a bizarre case of deja-vu, as if it were the set of a well known film or a place hidden in distant memory. The setting of this scene is the discotheque, the night club, the dance hall – whatever your name for it, it is the most popular place for performance and self-expression in contemporary life – not many people perform on stage but in our thousands we flock to these places on a Saturday night to let our hair down and throw some moves.

Video by Toiletpaper – Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

Betsy, Tony, Stanley, Jimmy and Charly are the inhabitants of this nocturnal world. They are personalities in themselves that demand human interaction and reaction, a key element of Atelier Biagetti’s work that explores the physical and psychological power of object and space.

Stanley – Ph: Leonardo Scotti


Charly – Ph: Leonardo Scotti

Betsy – Ph: Leonardo Scotti

Jimmy – Ph: Leonardo Scotti

Tony – Ph: Leonardo Scotti

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