Unique Glass Artworks

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Since 2008 Alberto Biagetti has worked closely with world renowned Murano glass masters Venini

The collaboration led to the creation of a series of lighting solutions, vases and interiors that combine the ancient art of artistic glass blowing and contemporary design.

Il Corpo Celeste.
“These little lights, that come on at night as if they were a host of colourful eyes opening to see in the dark, are like terrestrial stars that draw the constellations and cosmic maps for us to get lost in, to remind ourselves that infinity is infinitely small.” — Alberto Biagetti

Il Veronese Disteso.
“…I decided not to design another new vase that might get lost among the rest. I preferred the idea of digging into Venini’s DNA, like an archaeologist… like a genetic engineer that studies and modifies everyday objects… those unforgettable ones whose image are engraved in our memories.
And so, Il Veronese (that famous vase by Paolo Veronese, Vittorio Zecchin and Venini) now reclines, instead of standing erect.” — Alberto Biagetti

The Edi Collection
Venini reinvents the lightbulb but this time the creator is Alberto Biagetti not Thomas Alva Edison, with his own personal interpretation of perhaps the only object that has ever truly given us happiness. The light bulb must be the most spectacular thing ever invented. Those little flares of light, protected by a thin veil of glass have allowed us, with just a simple touch, to walk out of the darkness, making our days longer, illuminating our houses and cities, giving a warmer, more romantic and seductive glow to all things around us. “Edi” is a collection of lights conceived and designed as real light bulbs. The source of light, which in the traditional bulb is the filament, has been turned into a unique glass artwork. The fusion of polichrome canes that stand erect within the glass case glow tantalisingly and soften the tones of the led light.
There are two versions of Edi. The first entitled simply “Edi” has a round crystal shade that contains the coloured glass canes mounted on a white metal stand whereas “Edi Model 1” has a cylindrical crystal shade around the coloured glass canes mounted on an opaque brass coloured metal base.

Digging into Venini’s DNA, like an archaeologist, like a genetic engineer that studies and modifies everyday objects.

Combining the translucent coloured swirls of glass with rigorous design.