Louis Vuitton

Objets Nomades

Like a cactus in the desert or a rock emerging from the sea, the Flower Tower is a contemporary glass totem, that stands like a luminous landmark, irradiating special emotions in the domestic landscape of the home.

We are inspired by the world around us, by the contrasts between human nature and social developments in our times. Each piece we create debates the relationships between mankind’s habits and physical surroundings. When we were asked to collaborate with Louis Vuitton for Objets Nomades we immediately thought of movement, travel, a journey. People today see the idea of travelling either as a luxury or an inconvenience – some believe they can see the world just as well from their mobile devices, which are windows onto the world and into the soul. We can “virtually” travel or be anywhere – we can ride around the globe on rgb images and touchscreens. In short, our minds are constantly on the move, oblivious of space and time.

Flower Tower is an infinite column of light, a metaphor of our inner light, a luminous landmark, a celestial totem. The title itself is a positive message about a possible transcendental futuristic paradise which gives us a sense of liberty and of a clean, fresh unprejudiced equilibrium with the natural environment and the planet.

“We wanted to challenge the virtual frenzy of today’s system and create an intensely physical piece, a piece that questions contemporary preconceptions and human priorities.

Nothing gives more of a sensation of liberty than the sea: the fluidity of its perpetual movement; the wild, untamed power; the wide open space stretching into infinity; the idea of what might lie beyond or even beneath it. And therein lies the key to the Anemona table.

It is a piece from another world, the world beneath the surface, it is another reality.