Unique Sneakers

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Everyone wants to be one-of-a-kind and everyone wants something totally unique. Atelier Biagetti took this idea and applied it to possibly the single most widespread fashion and lifestyle item: the sneaker.

To create this unique piece, Atelier Biagetti collaborated with a unique brand – the World leader in all things Sports Lifestyle, adidas. The atelier began its journey by working with Inner. The streetwear branch of Milan’s avant-garde Antonioli store to create a limited edition adidas ZX Flux. The shoe played a key role in the Body Building project and underlined the importance of performance, both of products and of people in a sports context and in terms of human interaction with designed objects.

“A visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air”.
A live performance workshop turning participants into modern-day alchemists.


A series of unrepeatable adidas Tubular sneakers

This project laid the foundations for the next step: a workshop involving a live performance in which participants actively created totally unique sneakers.

The workshop took place in The Adidas Tubular Gallery in Milan’s Garage Sanremo which became a transient laboratory in which the 10 participants donned the robes of modern-day alchemists to experiment with the magic formula of freedom of creative choices, physical actions and chemical reactions. They used materials and techniques such as ice, plaster, pigments and crystals to generate a sequence of semi-controlled collisions.

The scope of these experiments was to simulate the accelerated external effects of the environment and to create a series of unrepeatable Adidas Tubular sneakers that, even though brand new, already had a life, an experience, a story to tell.