NO SEX in Miami

presented by Patricia Findlay

The NO SEX in Miami Curio solo show presented by Patricia Findlay is like the set of a film in which the action is about to take place – the perfect setting for “Performing Design”, the idea put in motion with Body Building and brought to fruition with NO SEX, first in Milan in April and now, here in Miami with Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari’s interpretation of the ultimate place for psychological confrontation: Sigmund Freud’s studio – but with a twist (of course).

The space itself contains all the elements you might expect in a psychologist’s or doctor’s studio – the bed, the chair, a mirror and charts for eye and perception tests – there is even a hint at a screen behind which patients can change in the form of the latex chandelier “Privé”. However, these quasi familiar surroundings are not simply functional but rather tease the viewer, thus provoking new kinds of behavior around the perception of what sexy is, and around the idea of contemporary design.

Every analyst’s studio needs an analyst and here it is not one but two: the dreamlike environment is completed by two fantastical twins who “analyzed” the visitors and their hidden desires regarding sex in design.

Moodboard drawing for the show NO SEX in Miami.

As always Biagetti and Baldassari paid obsessive attention to every detail of this project, from the pieces themselves to the new NO SEX silk wall-covering to the latex trench coats warn by our “analysts” designed by Atelier Biagetti in collaboration with Wovo and the up and coming Milan-based fashion designer Vonrose Couture – both experts in latex.

Latex trench coats designed by Atelier Biagetti in collaboration with Wovo and Vonrose Couture.

As part of the performance the “analysts” used special NO SEX “Rorschach-esque” paintings to eek out the visitors’ desires.

To announce NO SEX in Miami, Atelier Biagetti created a teaser video introducing the protagonists of the show.

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