Petit Table de Milàn

Tavolini componibili di diverse misure ed altezze realizzati con formelle esagonali recuperate da un’antico pavimento milanese. Base in ottone satinato.

Progetto: Bonjour Milàn

Anno: 2014

Dimensioni: da 45 x 45 x H 45 cm

Unique piece

The structure of each table creates a seemingly delicate contrast to the traditional Milanese concrete tiles, which are positioned at different heights.

Petit Table de Milàn is based on the hidden or often forgotten treasures all around us.

A tribute to the collective memory of Milan, the hometown of Atelier Biagetti. The discarded flooring tiles are taken out of their usual context and put onto a different, elevated level. Something that is usually trodden under foot is given a whole new significance and value.

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