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Project: Workwear

What will the future workers of the world wear? Milan’s Triennale Museum aims to find out with Workwear, a new exhibition curated by Alessandro Guerriero, charting uniforms conceived by 40 Italian and international creatives chosen from the fields of art, architecture, design and fashion.

“The idea was to create a gallery effect, but at the same time I wanted it to feel like an imaginary boutique,” explains Biagetti. To wit, he devised a thick gold hanging rail that spans through four rooms in the Triennale, from which all of the clothes are suspended on invisible thread.
“The clothes look like we’ve gathered butterflies together in a barrel,” remarks Guerriero. “But the goal of this exhibition is for people to leave and to ask themselves, Did I just see art, design or fashion? If you’ve got questions, I’ve done my job.”

‘Cloud Hunter’ by Antonio Marras

Crafted 40 different hand-painted coats each named with separate professions, by Faye Toogood




Post Design / Memphis