Collaboration with:

Project: Performing Design

Atelier Biagetti collaborated across continents to create two show-stopping exhibitions at Design Miami.

First, the Atelier worked with the Secondome Gallery to bring Body Building – curated by Maria Cristina Didero – to Miami Beach. The project examined contemporary society’s obsession with beauty through the creation of a series of luxury pieces inspired by the world of the gym. The installation immersed visitors in the parallel universe designed by Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari, populated by pieces that at first glance seem like familiar items of gym equipment but on closer inspection are exquisitely made, one-of-a-kind pieces intended to take centre stage in the home and in our lives.

The installation was like the set of a film where the action is waiting to take place. It drew visitors in, tempting, inviting and demanding that they interact with the works thus becoming co-stars of the scene along side the pieces on show. Biagetti and Baldassari call this precocious connection between human and object “Performing Design”.

Sylvester Stallone at Body Building Design Miami

In its second edition Atelier Biagetti further developed the idea of Performing Design underlining the concept by actually staging a performance in which, the performers were catalyzed the interaction between objects, environment and the visitor.

This time the project featured was “No Sex” presented in Miami by Patricia Findlay. If during its Milan preview the environment created for No Sex was a refuge from media fueled desires, in Miami it was the ultimate environment for psychological confrontation: Biagetti and Baldassari’s interpretation of Sigmund Freud’s studio – but with a twist. The space itself contained all the expected elements, although the deceptively familiar surroundings were not innocently functional but rather teased the viewer, thus provoking new kinds of behavior around the perception of what sexy is, and around the idea and importance of contemporary design. Every analyst’s studio needs an analyst and here it was not one but two: the dreamlike environment was completed by its fantastical inhabitants who, as part of the design performance, “analyzed” the visitors and their hidden desires regarding sex in design.

No Sex in Miami’s analysts wore unique latex trench coats designed and made for the project.