Atelier Biagetti is the Milan-based practice of Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari. The atelier operates in the fields of art, design and architecture to create objects, interiors and site-specific installations for galleries and private collectors across the world. 

The duo draw their inspiration from the world around them, from human behaviour and the collective memory. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the duo’s work is their method of decontextualizing visual elements. With this technique their work creates a short circuit between the senses of the body, the preconceptions of the mind and the physical reality of the surrounding environment.

Each project that the duo creates tells a story, like a short film, but instead of watching a moving image, the narrative develops between the mise en scène of their work and the personality of the viewer. Their work thus recounts a different and intensely intimate story to each and every individual.

In 2015 Atelier Biagetti launched BODY BUILDING, a project, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, that attracted the attention of both the international media and public. Wallpaper Magazine dedicated the front cover of the May issue to the project with an image created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. BODY BUILDING was also selected to feature in a solo show at Design Miami in December of that year and was followed in 2016 by NO SEX and in 2017 by GOD, the natural progression of Biagetti and Baldassari’s analysis of contemporary obsessions and human nature.